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Tanja Andresen, Founder

Anyone who has ever had the joy of meeting Tanja Andresen will know that she is a fireball of energy, hard work, and expertise. Her heart beats for the hospitality industry, and she goes a long way to create the most memorable experiences!


With more than 20 years of experience in hospitality and everyday hotel operations, Tanja knows her way around the entire MICE & Leisure industry and has what it takes to offer world-class service – with proven sales results and business awards. 


Working with Tanja and ATTACH AGENCY will give you access to all of Tanja’s expertise as well as her vast global network. Having represented more than 200 hotels in the Nordic region over the past 10 years, she is a well-known face up north and a true expert on Nordic destinations, the ingrown sustainability of Scandinavia, and all types of extraordinary events. 


“It has been a life-long dream of mine to one day run my very own hospitality agency and to use my talents to help bring people together for great and memorable experiences all around the globe. I am so excited and proud to have launched ATTACH, and I cannot wait for the adventures to begin!” 

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Tanja Elisabeth Andresen, CEO / Founder

Phone: +45 28 87 04 32


Angelica Suraga, Business developer

Phone: +46 70 717 42 42

Angelica Suraga

When it comes to International sales, marketing, and efficient strategies that drive results, Angelica Suraga is amongst the best in her field. She has +20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and a strong global network. A determined and dedicated doer, Angelica knows how to make things happen. No matter how impossible it might seem. “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.


Besides her career in International sales, Angelica is also a certified coach and mentor and thrives in supporting, challenging, and helping others reach their goals and full potential, be it individuals or entire businesses.

Working with ATTACH AGENCY, you will soon learn that Angelica is always up to date the with the dynamic global hospitality market. She can adapt and apply her experience and expertise to both small as well as large companies. and she is happy to share all her insights! Angelica is Attach Stratetic brain and is a big asset for the company.

Betina Dinesen

Betina is all about positive and caring energy, vibrant communities, curiosity, and meaningful experiences. She is a skilled and independent coordinator with a broad overview and a deep passion for bringing people together as an Executive Assistant at Attach Agency.

Betina's background includes working as a self-employed psychotherapist, trainer, mentor, and advisor. Prior to that, she gained over 10 years of experience in the Hotel Industry and Hospitality Field.


She fully embraces Tanja's vision for Attach Agency and is enthusiastic about the opportunities and adventures that Tanja's dynamic company and expertise bring to the table. Betina is honored to be part of this remarkable movement and exciting journey that delivers exceptional service in the MICE & Leisure industry, creating unforgettable experiences for clients and customers worldwide.

Combining all her talents in one role has been a dream come true, and she eagerly looks forward to collaborating with wonderful business partners and clients globally, alongside the exceptional Attach Agency team.


Betina Dinesen, Executive Assistant

Phone: +45 29 93 32 38 

Billede Martin Oliver_edited_edited.jpg

Martin Oliver Silkjær, Senior project manager

Phone: +45 93 93 23 93

Martin Oliver Silkjær 

If you are looking for a pioneer in hospitality and travels, Martin Oliver is your guy. World-wide, International hospitality is in his DNA – And all his life he has been traveling, complimented and done marketing for hotels, fine dining and bars across the globe.

With his base in Barcelona, Spain Martin-Oliver has visited hundreds of hotels in and out of Europe. He has made Collab’s with some of the world’s most outstanding and special hotels and combined them with some of the more exiting restaurants and bars. Martin-Oliver is working as a freelance marketing agent, and knows -above many- exactly how to put a company on the digital map. He’s a born leader and with his winning personality, education, and background in marketing, plus his good eye for details, Martin-Oliver is a positive for whom ever have the chance to work with him.

Working with ATTACH AGENCY and Martin Oliver you will soon experience the great positive energy Martin Oliver is putting into all he’s work. Martin Oliver is true people person and are one of the best to create long lasting relations in our industry. Besides he is hard worker and never deliver something without great results.

Helena Lemonidis

Creative Manager at Attach Agency. Details are my passion, and I use my creative energy into every project I working on.


Attach Agency is the perfect match for me, thanks to Tanja's loverly energy and our shared love for travel and beautifully designed hotels. Being the Creative Manager here is truly a dream come true.


Working with my passions and the right energi is crucial, and Attach Agency allows me to do just that. 


I'm thrilled to continue this creative journey with Attach Agency and our amazing team. 


Let's create something remarkable together!


Helena Henriete Lemonidis, Creative manager

Phone: +45 26 20 38 75

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